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Systems Engineers

The ideal candidate has at least two years of experience and has acquired good skills in Security, Apache/Tomcat configuration, performance analysis, scripts implementation/editing; knowledge of clusters (Linux/Sun), VMware, Nagios are appreciated.


C++ Developers

The ideal candidate has at least 2 years of specific experience in software Design and Development using C or C++, both on Microsoft and Linux platforms, in addition to knowledge of JNI (Java Native Interface) to create native libraries for Java.


Java Developers

The ideal candidate has experience in Java EE (EJB, servlets, JMS, WS), has familiarity with IDEs (knowledge of JBoss/JMX microkernel configuration is appreciated).
Knowledge of JNI (Java Native Interface), for using native libraries writte in C++.


Neural simulation experts

The candidate must have a theoretical knowledge in the simulation of neural algorithms developed in academia. Knowledge and the ability to simulate in C++ the following algorithms is required:
Back Propagation Networks, Self-Organizing Maps, Probabilistic Neural Network, Hopfield networks, Boltzmann Machine, Neuro fuzzy systems.

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