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Crime Prevention in Urban and Suburban areas


Banks and Financial Institutions


Public/Private Buildings

Industrial/Commercial Production Areas

  • Abnormal behavior detection

  • Vandalism prevention

  • Theft and robbery prevention

  • Sensitive areas protection

  • Real-time detection of any intrusion or violation of protected areas by unauthorized persons or vehicles

  • Perimeter protection

  • Access control and classification to vehicle and pedestrian gates

  • Control and verification of gates/turnstiles misuse (override, queuing, multiple passages)

  • Objects addes/removed

  • Alarm on unauthorized access or presence

  • Protection of works of art by creating virtual perimeters

  • Vandalism

  • Objects added/removed

  • Control of people moving in forbidden directions

  • Fires

  • Automatic parking management

  • Parking duration

  • Vehicle discrimination (size/length)

  • Correct vehicle position in allowed areas

  • Ticket validation

  • Car removed from the parking without authorization

  • Permanence in front of the ATM machine for longer than a defined threshold

  • Number of people in front of the ATM machine higher than a defined threshold

  • Anomalous behaviors (coming and going, kneeling, rapid movements, etc.) in front of the ATM machine

  • Camera obscuring

  • Camera movement

  • Man down

  • Object added/removed (e.g. a microcamera dedicated to the card reader capable of detecting the insertion/removal of a component on the reader itself)



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