• Real-time detection of any intrusion or violation of protected areas by unauthorized persons or vehicles

  • Perimeter protection

  • Access control and classification to vehicle and pedestrian gates

  • Control and verification of gates/turnstiles misuse (override, queuing, multiple passages)

  • Objects added/removed

  • Reporting and control of presence and/or transit on airstrips and other unauthorized areas

  • Control of airstrips to detect unexpected aircrafts

  • Security checks for passengers

  • Vandalism

  • Objects added/removed

  • Fires

  • Baggage check

  • Logistics

  • Security of restricted areas

  • Security checks for passengers

  • Vandalism

  • Objects added/removed

  • Fires

  • Docking control

  • Goods / logistic control

  • Queues monitoring

  • Reporting and control on perimeter violation (override)

  • Reporting on queuing at access points

  • Reporting on crowding at gates

  • Reporting on sector invasion

  • Reporting on fires

  • Reporting on excited crowds

  • Security and protection of areas and perimeters

  • Landfill activities and cargo storage monitoring

  • Illegal dumping activities control

  • Fires/smoke monitoring

Protection of Critical Infrastructures


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