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Functional Characteristics of the System

…self control

MDS Control verifies the correct performance of each camera, taking (where possible) measures to restore the proper functioning of the system.
If these actions cannot restore the proper functioning, the system sends an automatic alarm to the personnel in charge.
The following describes some of the actions that the system is capable of performing automatically:

  • verification of the presence of video connection;

  • automatic attempt to restore the connection, and report of failure if needed;

  • creating a report with the information (log files) related to connection / disconnection / restore;

  • verification of the conditions of brightness suitable to the analysis;

  • automatic control of the good visibility condition of the environment (fog, smoke, etc.) expressed as a percentage and alerts associated to one or more predetermined thresholds;

  • reporting of the inoperability of a camera;

  • reporting of the movement / shifting of the cameras;

  • reporting of video occlusiong: eg. blackout;

  • reporting of the failure of automation devices associated to the video analysis System.


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